Zinc Roofing & Cladding Design

Zinc Roofing & Zinc Cladding for Residential habitations :  The initial cost of Zinc Metal roofing or cladding is higher than most other roofing materials, you'll save money in the long run. A zinc metal roof or cladd can last a lifetime, whereas materials like asphalt require reproofing every 10 to 20 years. With A metal roof you also increase the resale value of your Residence or Habitation. In some cases, like your home insurance , a metal roof can even lower your  insurance price.

We can help you to design your roof and cladding , choose the material  , work out all the measurements , labor coast , work period and work out a 3D projection of your roof or cladding.

We use a Company Developed Program to quote your project , for every material used , it delivers accurate quantity item by item , the Client pays exactly what he needs !!

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VM Zinc Surface appearances





 Standing Seams


 Water gates


 Rain water system

 Down Pipe



 Box gutters



VM Zinc


 Aperam copper

 Aperam Stain/steel

 Aurubis Copper

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